Heal Your Body & Your Mind

We offer Couple's sessions and In Room massages with 48-hour advanced booking.


Ultimate Vibration

No time to undress, need ultimate relaxation and stimulation? Our therapists will "buff" you out with the vibration massage. The benefits with this treatment are relieved muscle stiffness and soreness, increases circulation and range of motion, and improves the overall health of the body's soft tissue.

Maui CBD Oil

Vital Life Force

Our CBD oil is grown and processed here on Maui. The farm is within a designated Hawaiian Village that has never been used to farm and has no chemical or pesticides used ever in its history.The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD oil reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing your therapist to work more effectively. CBD oil applied through the treatment.


Harmonize Your Qi

This treatment is popular for all, especially for those not inclined to get massages. Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. These areas of the body correspond to organs and the systems of the body; pressure is applied to help alleviate stress and ease muscle tension in the body. 

With Reflexology, your body and mind will feel free and clear of all worries and stressors that life places upon us. 


Natural Healing To Balance Your Chi

Our Deep Tissue massage is designed to address your areas of concern, reduce chronic tension, muscle adhesion and scar tissue. With our therapist's profound knowledge and practice they can custom tailored your treatment to cater to your need for exceptional muscle repair and revitalization. This massage will relieve both muscle and connective tissue below the surface, incorporating many techniques - Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Vibration, Thai, Lomilomi and Swedish.


Balance Your Mind & Body

Seeking relief for overexerted muscles, or simply want to let your mind and body escape reality, this is the treatment for you. Your massage therapist will customize your treatment using a variety of techniques, Lomilomi, Swedish, Myofascial, Reiki, Thai to achieve ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and results. Based on your preference, each massage includes essential oils.


Deep Soothing Healing

Hot stone massage can be very beneficial for more than just loosening muscles. Enjoy the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pressure. Many clients will benefit through an elevated mood and strengthened circulation that comes from the heat of the stones creating greater blood flow. 

This treatment isn’t for everyone. If you have any of the following conditions, please consider treatments other than Hot Stone Therapy: High blood pressure / Diabetes / Pregnancy / Severe varicose veins or DVT


Balance Your Mind and Body

Our Prenatal massage focuses on providing a serene treatment designed for the special needs of expecting women. This healing session is designed to aid in alleviating discomfort, uplifting your mood and melting your muscles. Some benefits of massage during pregnancy are reduced back pain, joint pain, edema, muscle tension, headaches, stress and anxiety, improved circulation and oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles and better sleep!


1 yrs - 12 yrs old

Did you know children need touch too? Caught between play, school, sports, illness and countless demands, children have a good deal of stress these days. Massage therapy can be beneficial for children- decreased anxiety and temper; enhance pulmonary and immune function; improve neurological development, sleep and digestive patterns.



This AromaTouch technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide stress management, immune support and bringing your body into vital balance & Homeostasis, with the use of high quality, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to the back, shoulders and feet.

  • Balance (Grounding Blend) – This is a blend of Spruce, HoWood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Coconut oil. Brings a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation.

  • Lavender – This oil promotes relaxation, and helps relieve stress. Some of its healing properties include that it is anti-inflammatory, helps fight against unwanted bacteria or pathogens, purifying, promotes calm and relaxed muscles, to name a few*.

  • Melaleuca – Commonly known as Tee Tree oil. Helps reduce discomfort and is anti-bacterial, purifying, germ-destroying, helps fight against unwanted bacteria or pathogens and an immune stimulant*. 

  • On Guard (Protective Blend) – This is a blend of Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. This blend helps support a healthy immune system and combat disease*.

  • AromaTouch – This is a blend of Basil, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lavender, Cypress and Marjoram. This blend helps reduce inflammation and helps muscles relax*.

  • Deep Blue (Soothing Blend) – This is a blend of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum and Osmanthus. This blend supports and soothes inflammation, alleviates pain, and reduce soreness*.

  • Wild Orange – This oil has purifying properties as well as has the ability to stimulate happiness and joy*.

  • Peppermint – This oil aids in digestive, respiratory and immune support*.


 Escape with a partner or friend, so you may share the experience. The duet encourages unity, connection and collective calm. Ease stress and unwind as two therapists perform side-by-side massages that help the two of you relax. Any treatment can be made a duet treatment; simply choose the same duration time. Dual Escapes are best accommodated with 48+ hour advanced booking. Please contact by email or phone to book duet escape as this option requires additional booking details.


Subtlest of Touches

A very subtle and profound healing modality that is beneficial for nervous system imbalances, headaches, insomnia, TMJ, and learning challenges. Using light touch that follows the rhythmic wave-like motion of the cerebrospinal fluid, one is lulled into a calm state while restrictions in the cranial bones and spine naturally unwind and self-correct.


We deeply care for your well being, especially if your are in pain or discomfort due to an injury or illness. Our Lymphatic Drainage massage is addressed toward clients who are dealing with lymph - related swelling or illness. Some possible benefits include: Reduced swelling, increased immune response, and relaxation. Please note that for most diseases we will require a doctors release indicating massage.